This is the trailer video for 'De Gedekende', a performance made during the inclusive dance project in 2015.

De Gedekende (teaser) from dagvorm on Vimeo.

This is a photobook with pictures of dancers of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. They were selected and assembled so that different scenes could start a new dialogue with each other. In this way, a certain movement takes on new meaning and between front and rear cover a new choreography is created. Many thanks to our fantastic photographers: Frederik Beyens, Jill Bertels, Koen Broos, Serge Gutwirth and Cy Leong. And to all the dancers and staff of the dance course of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

In May 2012 our dancers worked with jazzartist Jef Neve on the videoclip to promote his album 'Sons of the new world'. The clip was taken in the trainstation of Liege, Belgium. The choreography is a phrase from APORY by Iris Bouche, artistic leader of our Dance Studies.

A short documentary about our Dance programme made by Drama students Rashif El Kaoui en Michèle Cuvelier.

Dance students during the creation with Emanuel Gat last year and special guest William Forsythe (1min.)

Music "Gli" by Tortue Super Sonic
Video/edit Lena Wynants
The Young Ones on Vimeo.


Member of the artistic board Iris Bouche about the rehearsals for A Corps Perdu in Bourla theatre, Antwerp.