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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp


The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp comprises former three art colleges:

• Royal Flemish Conservatoire: BA & MA in Music (classical instruments and singing, composition, jazz & popular music)
• Herman Teirlinck Institute: BA and MA in Drama (acting, word & media, cabaret)
• Higher Institute for Dance: BA in Dance

The BA and MA may be followed by a doctoral program (PhD Arts). 
The PhD Arts is organized in collaboration with the University of Antwerp (ARIA UA). 
The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp has approximately 550 students.

Head of the School of Arts: Mr. Freddy Marien
Chairman of the Research Board: Mr. Frank Agsteribbe
Research Coordinator: Mr. Kevin Voets

The Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (AP University College) are productive research institutions in the field of the arts. The AP Schools of Arts have jointly developed a research policy encouraging, supporting, representing and reinforcing artists, researchers and research groups. Researchers in the arts contribute to society by performing excellent research in an international context, expanding art practices and innovating art education. 

Fascinating border crossing projects emerge when research “In”, “with” and “on” the arts meet. The various research groups at the Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy promote a transdisciplinary approach by facilitating collaborations. Exhibitions, performances and (artist) publications such as Track Report and FORUM+ are the main channels for disseminating research outcomes. 


Research at the Royal Conservatoire is supported and organized via three research groups:

1. Performance Practice in Perspective is a transdisciplinary group of researchers in music, dance and drama, focusing on all research aspects of performance practice. The group clusters research on the application, improvement, specialization and broadening of current music practice. Furthermore, the practice-oriented research focuses on possible methodologies for different theatrical forms and interdisciplinary collaboration. The research group is chaired by Dr. Eugeen Schreurs and Ms. Clara van den Broek 
2. LABO XIX-XX, chaired by Mr. Jan Dewilde, focuses on all aspects of repertoire and historical research of music and performing arts, mainly during the 19th and 20th centuries. The research projects are closely linked to the activities of the heritage library at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. 
3. CORPoREAL is an interdisciplinary research group devoted to the role of the body in music and performing arts. On the one hand there are various research projects and PhD’s on embodiment as an artistic process and phenomenon. On the other hand the group stimulates research on health care and the prevention of injuries in professional music and performing arts practice. CORPoREAL is chaired by Dr. Kathleen Coessens.

These research focusses are reflected in the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs, as well as in the various research projects carried out by researchers at the Conservatoire. 

In addition to the wide variety of collaborations with several cultural and research organizations, two neighboring institutions are of crucial importance for the backing and development of the research policy:

1. The Royal Antwerp Conservatoire hosts one of the richest and most important libraries for musical scores and materials in the Lowlands. 
Chief librarian: Mr. Jan Dewilde 

2. The Conservatoire shares its infrastructure with the most important centre for music and the performing arts in Belgium, the International Arts Campus deSingel
Director: Mr. Jerry Aerts

Contact the reseach coordinator Kevin Voets