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Postgraduate studies

These postgraduate courses are offered. A postgraduate diploma is awarded for successful completion of the course.

  • Composition 60 SP
  • Instrumental concert soloist 60 SP 
  • Vocal concert soloist 60 SP
  • Jazz and popular music 60 SP
  • Chamber Music 60 SP
  • Accompaniment and coaching 60 SP
  • Orchestra instrument 60 SP
  • Suzuki Teaching Method Violin ESA 1-3 60 SP
  • Suzuki Teaching Method Violin ESA 4-5 60 SP
  • Contemporary performance practice 60 SP
  • Children- and youth choir conducting 30 SP

All programmes for the artistic entrance examinations Postgraduates Music

1. Postgraduate Orchestral Instrument, Concert Soloist Instrument, Concert Soloist Singing, Composition, Accompaniment and coaching, Chamber music, Jazz / popular music.

These postgraduate courses offer a one-year in-depth focus on a particular aspect of your music practice. You can even specify which specific repertoire you want to work on or if you want to prepare for any specific competition or audition. The number of courses in the programme is limited.

Study programmes

Admission requirements: Bachelor of Music + pass the  suitability test

2. Suzuki Teaching Method for violinists’

This method was developed by the Japanese violinist and pedagogue Shin'ichi Suzuki (1898-1998). He based it on the natural learning of the mother tongue by young children. It focuses on experiencing music at a young age. This method can in principle be taught on any instrument, but is most popular on strings. The programme is open to an international audience and will be given in Dutch and English. Through this programme the knowledge and ability of the Suzuki violin method and the Level 1-5 certificates of the European Suzuki Association can be obtained.

It includes the following courses: Philosophy of the Mother Tongue Approach / Suzuki Pedagogy / Detailed study of the teaching points of the first five levels / Supervised teaching of children …

The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp is Europe's only academic institution offering this postgraduate.

Examination is taken before an international committee 
Staff: Wilfried Van Gorp, Koen Rens, Veerle Van Gorp, Wim Meuris (ESA Teacher Trainers)
Entrance requirements: Bachelor or master diploma in violin performance (or equivalent). Audition / interview.
For 2017-2018, no new candidates will be admitted. Interested parties may contact us for 2018-2019.
For more information e-mail veerle.vangorp@ap.be

3. Children’s and youth choir conducting

Do you conduct a singing group or a children’s and youth choir? Do you want to push the musical boundaries of young singers, and you're looking for the tricks of the trade? 
The Royal Conservatoire establishes a postgraduate course Children’s and youth choir conducting (University College level). Precisely because quality singing with children requires professionalism and specific pedagogical strength.

Goal of the course
To enrich the artistic abilities of professional musicians with a focused pedagogy and didactics for children and youth. Because singing with children can be very enjoyable but also an important element in the overall musical development of the child.

  • You get regular lessons about the specific didactics of singing with children and young people.
  • Several internships organized in singing classes and children's or youth choirs.
  • You get support in (your) choir practice.
  • All this complemented by master classes by leading choir conductors from Belgium and abroad.

Entrance requirements: Bachelor in Music + screening. 
Email us your portfolio and cv (deadline August 28th, 2017), containing your repertoire, list of concerts and concours. Add an audio-registration. 
The jury makes a selection, candidates will be invited for an interview on August 31th, 2017.
Lesson dates: 25 September, 23 October, 27 November, 18 December, 22 January, 26 February, 19 March, 23 April, 28 May, 11 June.

4. Contemporary performance practice (icw. HERMESENSEMBLE) 

This postgraduate offers a one year intensive and highly specialised training and research program for singers and instrumentalists in the field of contemporary performance practice. The collaboration with the professional and internationally active HERMESensemble warrants an up-to-date, an internationally oriented and relevant approach of new and extended playing techniques and knowledge transfer in the field of contemporary musical repertoire. It is a post-master postgraduate training program.

The postgraduate Contemporary performance practice consists of four subjects:
1. An intensive one-on-one training program for singers and instrumentalists by accomplished professional musicians in contemporary performance. This program consists of 20 hours of individual coaching and initiation in contemporary and new repertoire and extended playing techniques (10 two hour sessions).
2. A specialisation course in Analysis of 20th and 21st Century Repertoire by composers Wim Henderickx and Luc Van Hove.
3. A variety of stage projects in the field of new music and creation (f.i. participation in the studentensemble E-XXI of the Royal Antwerp Conservatoire, participation to the LABO-project in calloboration with Champ d’Action, the interdisciplinary projects Sketch-the-Sound with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the Conservatoires Dance-Composition-project…). In this context several masterclasses by internationally renowned composers and performers (f.i. Rolf Wallin, Chris Defoort, Benoît Mernier, Kee Yong Chong, Paul Gooday…) will be organised. 
4. A research project under personal guidance. In this framework you perform an in depth enquiry in analysis of brand new music, or/and you are assisted in preparing a proposal for a PhD in the Art. Lessons, mentoring sessions and masterclasses are scheduled on Tuesdays. Stage projects follow a different production planning. Entrance requirements: Bachelor in Music + screening. Candidates demonstrate their motivation for this postgraduate course by presenting a portfolio containing:

  • cv
  • a motivation for the course
  • repertoire one wants to rehearse
  • study course that one wants to make

Fase 1: before September 15th, 2016 email us this portfolio
Fase 2: candidates receive an invitation for a motivational interview.

More information in this document

5. Tuition fees postgraduates 

Postgraduate Chamber music, Accompaniment and coaching, Composition, Concert soloist: instrument and vocal soloist, Orchestral instrument, Jazz / popular music, Contemporary performance practice 
Registration for 30 to 60 credits fixed amount: 3.600 euro

Registration for 3 to 10 credits: 600 euro
Registration for additional credits: 60 euro per credit

Postgraduate Suzuki Teaching Method Violin ESA 1-3 (two year programme)
Postgraduate Suzuki Teaching Method Violin ESA 4-5 (two year programme)
Registration for 30 credits (one year): 1.800 euro

Registration for 3 to 10 credits: 600 euro
Registration for additional credits: 60 euro per credit

Postgraduate Children’s  / Youth Choir conducting (one year programme)
30 credits: 1.800 euro
Registration for 3 to 10 credits: 600 euro
Registration for additional credits: 60 euro per credit