About Dance

“The conservatoire offers us so much, on the theoretical as well as performative level. But it is still up to us to process that information.”

Nicolas Coutsier, Dance student

“I don’t even know exactly in which way I want to go.  Or even whether I want to go in a certain direction.

Maybe I’ll keep doing a lot of various things.  But this is the place that can help me in becoming the dancer I want to be. ” 

Anna Heuer Hansen, Dance student



The Dance programme consists of three varied, professional, and competency-focused years of study. You will be confronted with different styles (of contemporary dance), choreographers and artists. These encounters will encourage you to be a dancer with your own authentic personality.

As a contemporary dancer, you are capable of redefining rather than duplicating. You are creative, performative, enterprising and an independent learner. You desire to innovate artistically. The programme maintains lively contact with dance companies, institutes of higher dance education, expert choreographers and dancers. You regularly collaborate with musicians, composers and actors while developing your projects. Young talents as well as established international artists are present on the arts campus. In this way you develop the skills and the network to shape and guide your career on your own.

Each year, the Dance programme focuses on opportunities, partnerships and needs that arise. It also works in close cooperation with international choreographers and dance institutions. Technical training is provided by dancers/teachers working professionally in the field and focusses on connectivity. By means of complementary training, movement analysis, injury prevention and nutrition, you learn to understand and care for your own body. Improvisation and choreography provide you with an opportunity to discover your own voice as a maker. Critical reflection and theory make you think about yourself and your standing (as a dancer, in the professional field, on stage…). You receive personal guidance and support in this process so that you get to know and use your own strengths and weaknesses, gain significant stage experience and establish a network that you can use as a foundation.

Professional Bachelor’s degree of 3 years or 180 credits.