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Our marimba class proudly presents this list of recent victories at international concours for marimba and percussion. Congratulations to these students and their teacher Ludwig Albert!
 Antwerp HeArts (Healthcare for Artists) is the multidisciplinary centre of expertise for the prevention and treatment of artists’ diseases. It was founded by the Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) and the University of Antwerp’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.Its three goals and main activities are to:
Higher education must be achievable for everyone, this was our lesson today at the end of the summer holiday. A delegation of Spanish, Portuguese and Belgian youngsters with and without a disability came to visit and admired our beautiful campus. Two proud percussion students gave a miniperformance and then everyone had great fun with the instruments. Some of our special guests were natural talents!
As from September 2016 a new harpsichord class starts at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. After Kenneth Gilbert, Jos van Immerseel and Ewald Demeyere, Korneel Bernolet (himself a student of Ewald Demeyere) will lead this class. The 'Antwerp school' enjoys an international reputation because of the particular instrument collection with the Dulcken-harpsichord from 1747 as the crownjewel. Currently, this instrument resides at the Vleeshuis Museum where the instrument lessons take place.
The conservatoire organises new auditions for the postgraduate course 'Suzuki Teaching Method for violinists’.This method was developed by the Japanese violinist and pedagogue Shin'ichi Suzuki (1898-1998). He based it on the natural learning of the mother tongue in young children. It focuses on experiencing music at a young age. This method can in principle be taught on any instrument, but is most popular on strings. The programme is open to an international audience and will be given in Dutch and in English.
Koen Kessels, member of the artistic board of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and also the Music Director of The Royal Ballet in London, shares his tips for young composers and speaks about the opportunities and challenges of commissioning new music for dance.‘Commissioning new music is one of the ways to bring about evolution in our society’, says Koen. ‘It’s very difficult to find the right way to promote contemporary music and new commissions – but I think ballet, opera and stage work are the ideal field’.
The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp proudly presents two new teachers: Annelien Van Wauwe, clarinet - Gary Jankowski, vocal studiesAbout the teachersGary Jankowski's performances are characterized by great musical sensitivity, a strong, clear, mellifluous voice, and an imposing presence that he brings to a growing number of international stages, concert halls, and radio broadcasts. The 2013 Wagner anniversary gave Jankowski many opportunities to prove his particular suitedness for the German repertoire.
"Actor seeks pianist", "cabaret meets piccolo", "five dancers and a slam poet", "two singers and a sculptor ... "Common Ground is a project week (1 > 5/2/2016) in which attention is focused on interdisciplinarity. For one week students leave their comfort zone to work together as much as possible with students from other disciplines. Their own projects are at the centre. The focus is on the process. The classrooms and halls are available for your projects. All regular classes are suspended. 
It’s clear that Antwerp has a lot to offer to an international art student, but where to start? 
LAbO is a biennial multidisciplinary arts project on new music, sound art and multidisciplinary projects for students and art shools at home and abroad. The project was conceived by the Antwerp-based production platform ChampdAction in collaboration with deSingel and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp (AP University College). Its goal is to immerse music students (both performers and writers/composers), dance students and fine arts students in the world of professional contemporary and multidisciplinary art forms for 6 days, with a strong emphasis on the use of digital media.