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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Bart Moeyaert director Buchmesse

Our teacher Bart Moeyaert has been appointed artistic director of the programme to be presented by Flanders and the Netherlands as guests of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016. Moeyaert is an internationally renowned author with an extensive network in many foreign countries and translations in twenty-one languages. Nineteen of Moeyaert’s books have been published in German translation. Moeyaert writes prose and poetry for readers of all ages and in that sense builds bridges between different literary genres and authors. He is passionate about all kinds of art forms, enjoys experimenting with digital media, is continually searching for innovative ways of interesting and involving his readers, has gained experience at organizing multidisciplinary productions and is extraordinarily creative. These qualities among others make Bart Moeyaert the perfect person to fill the role of artistic director. Bart Moeyaert also teaches 'Creative writing' to the Drama students of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.


Photo: copyright Belga. Bart Moeyaert