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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Full enrolment


You apply for the artistic entrance examinations Dance or for the artistic entrance examinations Music.

You will receive a confirmation form via e-mail. If not something went wrong and you need to contact the Student Office.


Step 2 (only for non-EU students): TOURIST VISA

You take this confirmation form to the Belgian Embassy in your home country and apply for your short term Visa (tourist Visa).


You come to Belgium to take the artistic entrance exam and you pay the 40 euro administration fee online. 

Step 4 (only for non-EU students): LONG TERM STUDENT VISA

The student administration can deliver an official letter which confirms that you have passed the artistic entrance examination. You can take this official letter, which proves that you passed the examination, to the Belgian Embassy in your country to apply for your long term student Visa. If this document is not sufficient for the embassy in your country, you can receive an official document of full enrolment only after payment of your tuition fee (see further).

Step 5: full enrolment to our conservatoire

If you fulfilled all admission requirements you can take the following steps to enrol to the Conservatoire.

DOCUMENTS: You need to send a copy of the following documents to conservatorium@ap.be or bring a copy as soon as possible to the student office.

  • ID/passport;
  • copy of the diploma needed to enrol (see admission requirements);
  • a document which grants you access to a university or university college (only if this is not obvious via your diploma);
  • d-visum (only for foreign students that require a visum);
  • APS certificate (only for Chinese students);

TRANSFER OF CREDITS: To apply for a transfer of credits, you must follow the procedure as described on the page procedure transfer of credits.(Attention: you need to have your study results, information from the study guide and information regarding the content of the course).

TUITION FEE: You need to pay your tuition fee and course related fee within 14 days after receiving your remittance wich will be send to you via e-mail. If you enrol in October you need to pay immediately.

STUDY CONTRACT: Once your programme is finalised, you will need to sign your study contract.

REGULATIONS: You can find the Education and Examination Regulations, ICT Regulations, Library Regulations and the Regulations Tuition fees, study costs and various expenses on the general regulations page of the AP website.

You are fully enrolled after payment of your tuition fee and course related fee and after signing your study contract at the student administration office.
If you don’t fulfil these two conditions, your enrolment will be irrevocably deleted.