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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp


Can I enroll for more than one entrance exam?
Yes. For every exam an administration fee is charged.

Will my enrolment fee of EUR 40 be returned if I cancel my entrance exam?
No, this is an administrative fee and will therefore not be returned.

When will I hear the results of the entrance exam?
At proclamation (date to be announced at registration for the entrance exams).

Can I enroll for just some of the subjects?
Enrolment in one or more study components is possible with a credit contract.

Do I have to learn the Dutch language?
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About information, administration, entrance exams and enrolment

Can I visit the school?
There is an Open Day every year when anyone interested can come and have a look. Students show their daily lessons, rehearsals and excerpts of current productions. Throughout the day there will be opportunities to meet staff and get information on the music, drama and dance degrees as well as specific teacher training programs. During the academic year there are performances and activities planned where you can see students at work.

Till when can I enroll?
Legally speaking, till 1 November.

Where can I find out about student rooms?
For accommodation in Antwerp there is kotweb, a partnership between Antwerp University and the colleges. Kotweb is a databank of 4500 addresses of student rooms and is accessible via internet. Here you will find rooms that are suitable in terms of price, location and comfort.

I come from abroad and don’t speak Dutch, can I still enroll?
There is a language test for the major in music theory/writing and for the specific teacher training courses. Students should have a solid foundation in Dutch, French, English or German.
The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp organises elementary Dutch courses. These courses are intended for students who have no or hardly any knowledge of Dutch.

When do I have to pay my fees?
Fees must be paid before the first of November.

Specific questions about the music degree

Can I enroll for two instruments?
Yes, for example, you can enroll with a diploma contract for one instrument and for a credit contract with the other.

Can I be admitted with a recording? If so, how do I go about it?
Foreign applicants may be admitted on the basis of a video or DVD recording (video compatible with the European system region '0' or '2', NOT '1'). These will be assessed by the lecturer(s) + the competent member of the artistic board + an
external jury member. NB: only a video or DVD recording is valid as an entrance exam. In all other cases candidates will have to play on arrival. Candidates who cannot attend on the date specified should indicate this as well as their arrival
date. An entrance exam will be organized in consultation with the teaching coordinator. I have already studied at another conservatoire. Do I still have to do the theory test?
There will have to be an aptitude test (more info at registration)

I don’t have my own accompanist, who will accompany me at the entrance exam?
Classical: it is compulsory for voice students to bring their own accompanist with them; entrance exams for instruments are without accompaniment
Jazz/ popular music: an accompanying group is provided, but candidates may also be accompanied by their own combo.

If I indicate a preference for a teacher (music degree), can I assume I will be placed with that teacher?
For your main instrument or voice you choose the teacher by whom you would like to be taught. If you pass the entrance
exam you can be sure you can study with this teacher. For additional instruments, related instruments orother degree components, you may state a preference, but it all depends on the availability of the teachers. For jazz and popular music it also depends on the availability of the teachers.

Specific questions about the dance degree

Do I need a lot of experience?
At the entrance exam applicants are tested for dance talent, a reasonable notion of classical and contemporary dance technique is considered positive. A lot of attention is also paid to personality, theatricality, performance qualities, physical condition, ability to learn, passion for dance and willingness to experiment.

What opportunities does the degree offer for the future?
The dance course aims to train talented students to become contemporary dance professionals in Belgium or abroad.

What is the maximum age for starting a course?
There is no age limit.

Is there a dress code at the school?
Students are expected to wear suitable clothing that allows the teacher to correctly observe the moving body. Clothes that are too wide or too many layers hinder a precise observation of the body. Specifically for the contemporary class: fitted jogging trousers, top, socks, knee pads if required.
Specifically for the classical class: leotard, tights and flats.