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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp


Requirement 1: you are in the possession of the required diploma

To enrol in the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp you have to meet the admission requirements for the respective programmes.

You can find more information about the other programmes (only available for Dutch speaking students) on our Dutch website.

Requirement 2: you need to pass the artistic entrance examination

The Bachelor programme Dance, the Bachelor and Master programme Music and the postgraduate studies Music are only accessible once you have passed the artistic entrance examination.

Requirement 3: language requirements

The Bachelor programme in Dance, the Bachelor and Master programme in Music and the postgraduate studies Music have no formal language requirements, students are advised to have a B2 Dutch or English proficiency level. For the Bachelor and Master programme in Drama and the Teacher Training programmes a Dutch proficiency is required.
Dutch courses for foreign students are provided by Linguapolis, Language and Communication Institute, and focus on elementary skills to cope with simple, everyday situations.
You can find here more information about the language requirements and support we offer.

Requirement 4: as a foreign student you need a residence card for Belgium

All foreign students that reside in Belgium during their studies will need a valid Belgian residence card for the duration of the academic year.

You can read here the detailed roadmap for your full enrolment.