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Do you want to register for the Music entrance exams?

Please take the following steps:

1. Register for the audition.

You can register for the artistic entrance examinations for the Master of Arts in Music for the academic year 2018-2019 here.

Deadlines for the registration

  • Classical music: 8th of April 2018 at the latest
  • Jazz: 14th of May 2018 at the latest

Students may apply for a trial lesson with the teacher of their choice (only main courses: instrument/ vocal studies (not for Jazz/ popular music)).

Send an email to the Student Office to make an appointment. You can also participate in our easter- and summercourses.

Session 1: download the overview

Session 2 (data and registration will follow later, stay informed through our newsletter)

Artistic entrance exam Bachelor of Arts in Music

If you fit the admission requirements you can register for the artistic entrance exam Bachelor. If you followed higher education art studies elsewhere but you didn't yet obtain a bachelor diploma you also register here. Afterwards you need to follow the procedure  transfer of credits.

Orientating artistic entrance exam Master of Arts in Music

If you fit the admission requirements you can register for the orientating artistic entrance exam Master. After following the procedure transfer of credits you will be directly admitted to the master or you will first need to follow a preparatory programme first.

Orientating artistic entrance exam Postgraduate studies in Music
If you fit the admission requirements you can register for the artistic entrance exams Postgraduate studies in Music. Here you can find more information about our postgraduate studies.

Register for the artistic entrance exam postgraduate studies:
Postgraduate Music - accompaniment and coaching
Postgraduate Music - chamber music
Postgraduate Music - composition
Postgraduate Music - instrumental concert soloist
Postgraduate Music - jazz and popular music
Postgraduate Music - orchestra 
Postgraduate Music - vocal concert soloist

2. The administration fee

The application fee (40 euros) is to be payed online.
A second audition also costs 40 euros.
This application fee is non-refundable.

3. Prepare yourself for the artistic entrance examination.

Check the programme of your artistic entrance examination:

For foreign students there is the possibility to do an audition by DVD.


- the DVD contains the same programme as requested for a live entrance exam

- to be representative, the recordings on the DVD are maximum 1 year old

- the result on this test applies only for the entrance examination for the instrument but it is binding: if passed the candidate does not have to do a live examination upon arrival at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. In case of failure in a DVD audition during the first audition session, the student is allowed to participate once more in the second audition session but only with a live performance.

- if necessary, the jury can ask students applying for jazz/popular music to take an extra examination and/or interview with live video call (Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, …)

- students who wish to start in B1 or B2, have to do tests for solfège and hearing upon arrival to determine their level. In case the student is applying for jazz/popular music he/she also needs to succeed for this test in order to be accepted.

- for students starting at other levels, a comparison between the subjects already taken and the courses of the Royal Conservatoire will be made. These students might have to do tests to define the level for certain courses.

Only when all these elements are examined, students auditioning by DVD  will be accepted and will be informed about their appropriate study level at the Royal Conservatoire.
The deadline for sending in a DVD is 15th August. We need to receive the DVD before 18 o clock 15th of August. 

4. The day of the entrance exam

All entrance exams take place at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp (except entrance exam for Harpsichord)

5. Publication of the results of the audition

Within seven calendar days from the decision, the results of the artistic audition are sent by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the candidate.
A prospective student may only enroll once per academic year, based on the same admission exam unless specifically requested by the jury after the first participation.

6. Final registration + start academic year

Once you fulfilled all admission requirements you can enrol at our conservatoire. You can find here the procedure for full enrolment here together with information about study fees, documents needed, etc.

All students need to be present starting Monday, September 11, 2017.