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Artistic entrance examination for 2018-2019

Session 1: Friday the 16th of March + Saturday the 17th of March + Sunday the 18th of March (SESSION FULLY BOOKED)


Session 2: Friday the 20th of April + Saturday the 21th of April + Sunday the 22th of April (SESSION FULLY BOOKED)

Do you want to register for the artistic entrance examination Dance?

Take the following steps.

1. Register for the artistic entrance examinations.

You can no longer register for the artistic entrance examinations for the academic year 2018-2019, they are fully booked. You can enroll for the waitinglist here.

A prospective student may enroll only once per academic year for the same artistic entrance examinations unless specifically requested by the jury after the first participation.

2. The administration fee

To be certain of your artistic entrance examinations place, the administration fee (40 euros) has to be paid online, within two weeks after registration.

The application fee is non-refundable.

3. Questionnaire

Make sure to fill in the full questionnaire at least 10 days before artistic entrance examinations. Mention previous education and/ or your need for exemptions clearly.

4. Prepare yourself for the artistic entrance examinations

Create a choreography of max. 2 minutes, style and music of your choice.

5. The artistic entrance examinations

All artistic entrance examinations take place at the Royal Conservatoire, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp
Registration is from 08h30 to 09h30 on Friday, upstairs at the reception desk.
The artistic entrance examinations will consist of classes in contemporary, ballet, improvisation, composition and repertoire.
Selections will take place at several moments throughout the weekend, and Sunday will culminate with a showing of solo’s and an interview, as well as a physical test with the resident physiotherapist.
The final selected group will finish at 16.00 on Sunday.

You will be selected on your individual capacities and potential as a dancer. The dance department is interested in your ability to capture movement vocabulary, and bring it to life in your personal way as well as your improvisation and creation skills. We want to see your passion for dance, your creativity and personality as well as your motivation for studying with us for 3 years. Physically we are interested in connectivity, coordination, spatial awareness, interpretation of knowledge, musicality, expression and a range of movement qualities. 

5. Publication of the results of the artistic entrance examinations

Within seven calendar days from the artistic entrance examinations, the results are sent to the e-mail address specified by the candidate. Students who are successful in the artistic artistic entrance examinations confirm their commitment to the training. Send an e-mail to this effect to conservatorium@ap.be
A prospective student may enrol only once per academic year for the same admission test unless specifically requested by the jury after the first participation.

6. Final registration + start academic year

If you fullfill all admission requirements you can enrol at our conservatoire. You can find here the procedure for your full enrolment.

Candidates must deliver as soon as possible (by post to Royal Conservatoire, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp):

  • a copy of the diploma of Higher Secondary Education (possibly also copies of studies Higher Education)
  • a copy of the identity card/passport
  • the medical certificate 


All students need to be present starting Monday, September 7, 2017.