Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp

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Music Department
AP Hogeschool
Desguinlei 25
2018 Antwerpen
+ 32 3 244 18 00



Student Office Music 

Yannicke Belis
+32 3 244 18 01

Katleen Imbrechts

Production manager Music
Ann Lommelen

Educational Support
Charlotte Saelemakers
+32 3 244 18 22

Music Department

Head of Music Programme
Inge Simoens
+32 3 244 18 15

Coordinator Jazz/ Popular Music
Els Smedts
+32 3 244 18 09

Artistic direction

General Music Training, Composition, Plucked Instruments, Brass
Alain Craens

Chamber Music, Strings
Justus Grimm

Conducting, Woodwinds, Vocal section, Percussion, Music practice, Keys, Accompaniment
Koen Kessels

Jazz / Popular music
Els Smedts


General Music Training
Alain Craens

Conducting, Woodwinds, Vocal section
Luc Anthonis

Chamber Music
Justus Grimm, Eline Groslot (coordination)

Ivo Hadermann

Leo De Neve

Research and Integrated Masters’ degree
Yves Senden

Percussion and Music practice
Koen Wilmaers

Keys, Piano accompaniment & coaching
Aäron Wajnberg

Plucked Instruments
Roland Broux

Guido De Neve

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