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Admission requirements

Admission requirements Bachelor in Music

You have a degree Secondary Education awarded by the Flemish Government, a degree Higher Education or a degree or certificate that is being acknowledged as equal by law, European guidelines or any other international agreement.

On top of that you succeed for the artistic entrance examination. 

After passing the artistic entrance examination, you will need to follow the procedure transfer of credits.

Admission requirements Master in Music

You have a bachelor degree in higher art education with a corresponding discipline and you participate in the artistic entrance examination.Depending on your diploma you will be directly admitted to the master or you will first need to follow a preparatory programme. After the artistic entrance examination you will need to follow the procedure transfer of credits.

Admission requirements Postgraduate studies in Music

You have a bachelor or master degree in Music or equivalent. For the postgraduate studies children’s and youth choir conducting another bachelor diploma is sufficient. You need to succeed for the artistic entrance examination. You can find more information about our postgraduate studies here.