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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Student support services

Student support coordination

For the following services you can contact the student support coordinator Sofie Hiels (sofie.hiels@ap.be):
Support for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities (eg. learning difficulties, dyslexia, ADD, autism, mobility limitation, chronic illness) can request special academic facility. The application should be completed between August 15 and October 15.  

Student counselling

If you have doubts about your study method, if your study planning doesn't work out or if you experience other difficulties that prevent you from studying well you can contact the student support coordinator. She can help you with your study planning and advise you about good studying methods. 


If you have doubts about your study choice, our student support coordinator can advise you about other possibilities. 


If you have complaints about the official education or examination regulation or if you have experienced an unfair act/situation with a fellow student or a staff member, you first try to discuss this with the person(s) involved. If this doesn't work out, you can contact our ombuds. She will handle your complaint and mediate between parties involved. Your ombuds is Dani Magnus (dani.magnus@ap.be).