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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Artesis Plantijn University College) is not only committed to providing excellent higher art education, but wants to be known as a knowledge institution in the field of artistic research.

Artistic research starts from a problem related to the artistic practice. It makes explicit its own position in the context of the concerned discipline and the current approaches. The research leads to innovative (artistic, sometimes theoretical and / or methodological) insights that can be discussed in a dialogue with peers.

On the one hand, there is research in the arts. This does not stand alone. First of all the researchers themselves are artists and their research is closely related to their artistic practice. This way, a synergy is set up between the artistic praxis, the theory of the involved art discipline and the research. On the one hand, the research questions are set up by a clarification of the research dimension that has been traditionally present in the practice of an artist (and in the art education). On the other hand the research process also affects the artistic praxis itself and the output forms at the very least partially an artistic shape.

Besides the research in the arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp there is also as much research space for the arts (in the form of collaborations between artists and other researchers) and research on the arts (which can both be carried out by academic and artistic researchers).

When the research in, with and about the arts meet, fascinating bordercrossing projects are often created. This happens in the various research groups at the Royal Academy, such as Archivolt or THINKING TOOLS. Moreover, the Antwerp Academy invests in forms of presenting and/or publishing artistic research. Exhibitions and (artist) publications serve here as crucial strategies.

The interaction between education, research, social services and the development and practice of the arts are seen as an important tool to develop expertise and to constantly renew the education as well as the research.