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About the course

Bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts, Photography

photo: Alexey Shlyk

The photographer’s personality is all-important in ‘Photography’ when studied as a main subject. The course approaches the medium of photography as a means of communication, as a (visual) language, the idea being that the student masters that language so as to achieve personal expression. This is done partly by learning to ‘speak’ the language, i.e. taking one-off shots and series of photographs at different speeds: from short, fast experiments to lengthy studies. The course covers the various major themes (portraiture, still life, landscape, etc.) with technique integral to the desired endresult. ‘Man’, ‘object’ and ‘space’ are the three cornerstones of the course.

‘Listening’ is another important aspect: in practice, what the on-going study of the visual language (in a socio-cultural context) boils down to is learning to ‘read’ the image. Regular visits are made to national and international exhibitions and noted photographers are invited to give lectures about their work. It is essential that the course conducts a permanent dialogue with what is happening outside the academy. We strive for as broad a frame of reference as possible within which the students learn to situate their own work vis-à-vis contemporary art, the history of art, contemporary photography and the history of photography, but also within visual culture as a whole. The studio is seen as a place where students draw inspiration from others, for instance through intensive and frequent discussions with the lecturers and through workshops and projects.

The starting point is the individual’s instinctive need to express himself (visually). Producing images as a result of thinking and feeling (the step from the internal world to the external) is the embryo of ‘exhibiting’. The course guides the process of ‘exhibiting’ (revealing/presenting an inner intellectual and/or emotional world) so that that inner world becomes visible and tangible to third parties.
Finally, the course aims to heighten awareness of the individual’s relationship with himself and with the world around him.

Admission onto the Bachelor programme in Visual Arts
Admission onto the Master programme in Visual Arts

Further information concerning this studyfield (alumni, students) kan be found on the website http://artesis-fotografie.be/.