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Graphic design

About the course

Bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts, Graphic Design

A graphic designer is creative, likes to draw, has a vivid imagination, can analyse, organise, inform en communicate, has an interest in language, literature, society and culture. The programme graphic design is an interaction between different artistic and practical courses, including design, drawing, illustration, typography, photography, multi-media and digital techniques.

An important competency is reflection in terms of conceptual and functional design. A lot of attention is spent on innovative ideas, experimental research and critical self-reflection in the development of a specific personal vision and visual language. Supporting and complementing the practical processes of design, theoretical courses form an integral part of the education.

Moreover, design processes are often effectuated by means of new techniques and forms of communication, such as digital media and apps. During the first year you will deepen your knowledge of graphic design, illustrative design, as well as multimedial design. During the second year you will choose one of these disciplines. You will also take an internship of 6 to 9 weeks at a design- or advertising company, an illustrator, publisher or multimedia company in order to get some experience. Our graduates are, among others, active as independent designer, illustrator, multimedia-designer, art-director or they are employed at design companies, publishers and other companies... In this digital era of ‘mobile working’, it is strongly recommended to possess a personal laptop.

Admission onto the Bachelor programme in Visual Arts
Admission onto the Master programme in Visual Arts

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