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Fine arts - Option In Situ³

About the course

Bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts, Fine Arts - Option in Situ³

In Situ³ is an open study programme, which emphasises two principles; the specific situation and the individual approach. The students investigate various sites, their historic, social and aesthetic context and experiment with diverse materials and techniques.

The core of the programme connects the understanding of an environment, its relation with the artwork and the artist's position. We underline the play and dialogue between these elements and parameters, encourage adventurous research and even support failure. With trial and error students develop insights and skills. They share their passion, worries and fear as much as their inspiration and joy, which leads to unpredictable, personal and moving experiments and results.

Next to the individual studio practice the semesters are structured by assignments, which focus on site specificity addressing a range from the urban to the natural landscape and the architectural context on either a fictive or a real level, encourage formal and material research and the exploration of perception, which addresses the individual and its body.

Each academic year starts with a workshop abroad - outside of the conventional academic realm, which is followed up during the year with visits of exhibitions and other cultural events.

In short, In Situ³ is the multi-disciplinary Bachelor/Master course that supports you in developing your vision. We guide our students, who come from all over the world, to access multiple opportunities in divers areas of the artistic, cultural, and social domain. 

Admission onto the Bachelor programme in Visual Arts
Admission onto the Master programme in Visual Arts