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Fine arts - Option Sculpture

About the course

Bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts, Fine Arts - Option Sculpture

Through study and analysis of human figure and space, you will start to explore the world of sculpture. Life drawing and anatomy assignments will help you to become familiar with the aspects of portrait and (full) figure sculpture. During studio practice you get introduced in the methods of traditional sculpting, drawing and moulding techniques as well as the use of different materials, especially stone and metals.

To develop a thorough co-ordination of hand, eye and body actions is crucial to discover the true creative potential of sculpture. More than creating a mimetic representation of reality you’ll be challenged to articulate a highly personal artistic strategy. One of the main studio subjects is composition. The aim of composition is to help you to detach from the formal limitations of figure study. This will allow you to develop and sharpen your artistic scope, be it in a more figurative realm or an opposite direction. During the master program you’re equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to address an autonomous artistic proposal and translate it into a cohesive (sculptural) body of work.

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Admission onto the Bachelor programme in Visual Arts
Admission onto the Master programme in Visual Arts