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Fine arts - Option Painting

About the course

Bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts, Fine Arts - Option Painting

The painting course balances between on the one hand ‘language proficiency’ and on the other personal artistic experience and development. Taking account of the very great and rich tradition within painting, the student is invited to develop his or her personal pictorial language. The studio work in the first and second year Bachelor is based chiefly on working from observation: still life, figure, portrait and landscape. This study allows for various points of reference with old and recent masters. It also forms the necessary reference-bank where from (or against) the student can discover and develop his or her plastic language. Complimentary to this there is also more and more concern for the sociocultural context wherein an art work functions. The ‘image-bombardment’ that we, as it were, daily undergo needs to be filtered, absorbed and reworked to relevant images for use within the painting praxis. At the end of the Master the student is expected to present a project wherein his/her personal vision is apparent and convincing. The painting studios, located on the top floor and bathed in a sea of north light, form the key location from where these processes are developed.

Admission onto the Bachelor programme in Visual Arts
Admission onto the Master programme in Visual Arts