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Bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts, Fashion

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Fashion Design at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts is undoubtedly one of the world leading programs. It was Mary Prijot who established courses in fashion illustration in 1963, more than 50 years ago.

Fashion is considered as an expression of our time, as a relationship between garments, the body and society, but also as an artistic and creative entrepreneurship. The fashion programme at the Antwerp Academy emphasis on the development of an artistic and innovative fingerpint...

You will be encouraged to work with new forms, original remakes of materials and alternative, creative processes.

As a soon-to-be fashion designer you are looking forward to new and unexpected experiences. Through the years dozens of graduates earned international renown, because of their artistic and personal characteristic fashion designs.

Admission onto the Bachelor programme in Visual Arts
Admission onto the Master programme in Visual Arts

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