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Costume design

About the course

Bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts, Costume Design

Theatre has become a mix in which different disciplines from the podium arts are complemented with visual art forms and multimedia. The team of costume design wants to offer, with its academic bachelor, an education that combines the study of the medium ‘theatre’ with the study of contemporary art.

An extensive theoretical base ensures the student to have a broad vision on the medium ‘theatre’ in all its aspects. Besides the drawing communication skills, the know-how is taught through practical exercises in which text analysis, dramaturgy, semiotics, character analysis, technical research and practice form the core. A team of teachers offers the students an extensive package of tools through internships, workshops and assignments. The three year bachelor is short but intensive. The master is totally focused on theatre work on a professional level.

The courses are nowhere near a course ‘costume maker’, but lead to ‘theatre costume designer’, what contains a lot more baggage. It is therefore imperative that candidates who are applying for the artistic entrance exam, have a minimum of foreknowledge, on the one hand social insight and cultural interest, on the other hand some skills in drawing.

Admission onto the Bachelor programme in Visual Arts
Admission onto the Master programme in Visual Arts

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