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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Foreign accreditation proof

  •     European “Baccalaureaat Diploma”, awarded by the European schools in Belgium or abroad;
  •     “Diplôme du baccalauréat international”, awarded by the Office du Baccalauréat International in Geneva;
  •     Luxemburg’s "diplôme de Fin d’Etudes secondaires" or "diplôme de Fin d’Etudes secondaires techniques";
  •     Dutch diploma “Voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs” (VWO);
  •     Dutch “Getuigschrift van met goed gevolg afgelegd propaedeutisch examen”;
  •     French diploma " Baccalauréat" with a minimum score of 10/20;
  •     German diploma “Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife/Abitur”;
  •     “High school diploma” (USA) with a ‘record of transcript’, that contains at least 4 APs (Advanced Placements);
  •     diploma awarded by the SHAPE-school (NAVO);
  •     bachelor degree;
  •     master degree.

Students from outside the European Union need to apply for a certificate from their Embassy that states that the said secondary/high school diploma grants access to a University in the country where it was obtained.
For more information concerning conditions of admission, please contact academie@ap.be.

ATTENTION: the Dutch degree “Middelbaar Beroepsonderwijs (MBO)4 will no longer be admitted!