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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


Open campus day

1)     When is the Royal academy open for visitors?

The annual Open Campus Day of the Academy is organized in March and most likely a second time in April or May. Candidates are welcome to visit the studios, exhibition spaces, lecture rooms and have a look at finished student’s works as well as work in progress. It’s a great opportunity to discuss with the students and faculty. After digesting all this information you might consider registration for the artistic entrance exam. The campuses of the fashion, in situ3 and graphic design department are also open for visitors.


Tuition fees and student grants

ENG: https://www.ap.be/royal-academy/tuition-fee-and-course-related-fee/1541

ENG: https://www.ap.be/student-services/957 

2)     As a foreign student, am I legible for Flemish/Belgian student grants?

Unfortunately this is not possible because our government only provides student grants for Belgian citizens who are legible for this type of financial support. 

3)     Is it possible to pay the tuition fee in separate installments?

Only if your situation justifies this exception. In that case you have to contact STUVO (Our University College’s Student Support) and make an appointment to discuss the payment of your tuition fee in separate installments. If this is the case STUVO will handle the tuition payment to the University College and offer you a plan with separate installments. STUVO will provide an attestation for you which has to be handed over to the Student Administration of the Royal Academy. More info on STUVO 

4)     If I decide to unsubscribe, can I  have a refund?

Unfortunately not, unless you do this before the November first. In that case we are entitled to charge 100€ for administration costs. After November first, it is impossible to get your tuition fee refunded.

ENG: https://www.ap.be/royal-academy/foreign-accreditation-proof-bachelor/1565



5)      Is there a possibility to enlist for the artistic entrance exams without having a history in arts education?

Although this is not a requirement, having acquired artistic skills before you start Higher Visual Arts studies is helpful. Several assignments during the entrance exam are focused on your affinity with visual arts in general and more specific to the program of your preference. Most of the fine arts and design program exams will include drawing exercises and portfolio presentation is mandatory. Once you successfully completed these tests and you have fulfilled all other requirements you are more than welcome to enroll. Have faith in your talents!


Info on foreign diploma’s 

6)     Am I allowed to apply for the graduate or master program with a non-visual arts Bachelor degree?

In some cases it is possible to apply for the master’s program without having a related undergraduate degree. We will examine whether or not you have to complete a transition program prior your acceptance to the master’s programme. This transition programme consists of several crucial courses and/or studio practice from the under graduate programme. Once you successfully completed these preparatory courses you can apply for the master’s programme.

ENG: https://www.ap.be/royal-academy/admission-master-programme-visual-arts/1539

7)     Which documents do I need to provide the university college with to complete my registration?

Once you passed the entrance exam, you will need to complete your enrollment online. The link to the registration will be send to you by email.

If you want to enroll in the undergraduate program we need a copy of your identity card or passport. Furthermore you have to send us a scan or copy of your diploma grammar/high school. To enroll on graduate (or MA) level or a transition programme, a copy of your Bachelor degree is necessary. Diploma’s other than English, French, German or Dutch language will have to be translated by a chartered translator

ENG: https://www.ap.be/royal-academy/transfer-credits/1569

8)     How to apply for exemption of certain subjects or courses

 If you successfully completed other higher education subjects, courses or programs on BA or MA level with a similar content and competence level to those offered at the Royal Academy, than you are legible for exemptions. At the start of the programme you have to fill in a form with the credits you obtained. The student support officers will ask for official documents and -if applicable- relevant course books.


Artistic entrance exam

9)     Is it allowed to registrate for two different exams?

Only if you notify beforehand. Our online registration tool only accepts one choice. If you consider a second application for September, than you have to send an e mail to admission.ka@ap.be.

Let us know which other programme you are interested in, but please be aware a second exam will cost you 25€


ENG (Step 6): https://www.ap.be/royal-academy/roadmap-full-enrolment/1567


Student in Antwerp

10)    How to proceed as an international student in Antwerp

EU students only need to registrate in the Foreigners register. The University College will start this procedure for you, once we have all the necessary documents.

Non EU students have to apply for a residence permit. This procedure is also initiated by the university college. It goes without saying that we need you to provide all the necessary relevant documents. EU students, who want to combine work and studies, also need to apply for a residence permit in order to get a working permit. For those students who want to commute from a neighbouring country to Antwerp need to certify they are travelling between their home address and the University College on a daily basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact the student administration if you need further information. 

ENG: https://www.ap.be/student-services/957 (Info Stuvo)

11)     Looking for a place to live?

The university college does not offer dormitories or student homes. So it’s the rental market and you! Luckily there is more than a sufficient student accommodation available in Antwerp. STUVO will help you in finding rooms or studios as well as offers you legal assistance in case you have problems with the landlord. Kotweb.be is the place to find most available student accommodations. Another way is to just walk in the city and watch out for ‘Te Huur” (for rent). Make sure you start searching early in the summer vacation. This is the best period to find good quality accommodations. Another good advice is to never sign a contract for a room which still is in the process of reconstruction. Renovation often takes a lot of time. 350€ is an average price for a room with a shared bathroom and kitchen.