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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Admission procedure Master

Entry requirements

Diploma level requirements

  • a bachelor degree in Visual Arts, awarded by the Flemish Community, with a corresponding main discipline and competency profile;
  • a bachelor degree (or equivalent) in Visual Arts with a corresponding discipline and competency profile, awarded by a university or university college from another country, will be taken into consideration after a positive outcome of the application procedure.
  • a bachelor degree (or equivalent) with a different discipline and competency profile will be taken into consideration for a pre-master programme (bridging programme) after a positive outcome of the application procedure.

Language requirements
You have the choice between a Dutch and an English course programme.
The required level of proficiency is determined according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

  • Dutch: B2
  • English: B1


  • submitting proof of having successfully completed at least one year of English-taught secondary education;
  • submitting proof of having successfully completed a study programme or one or more course units with a total study load of at least 60 ECTS credits in English-language higher education

You are not obliged to hand in the language proficiency at the time of application.

Application deadlines

1st call
EER and non EER applicants: graphic design, jewelry design, theatre costume design, fashion, sculpture, printmaking, painting, photography, In Situ³
Deadline registration + submitting digital portfolio : 25 March 2018
Interviews: between 2 and 25 May 2018, by appointment

2nd call
only EER applicants: graphic design, jewelry design, sculpture, printmaking, painting, photography, In Situ³

Deadline registration + submitting digital portfolio : 20 August 2018
Interviews: before 17 September 2018 (start academic year) by appointment

Application procedure

The procedure is done in 5 steps.

Step 1: Register online here  (as from January 29th) and upload your documents and portfolio.

Application procedure MasterProgramme
Master of Arts in Visual ArtsCostume DesignEnroll now 
Master of Arts in Visual ArtsFashionEnroll now 
Master of Arts in Visual ArtsFine ArtsEnroll now 
Master of Arts in Visual ArtsGraphic DesignEnroll now
Master of Arts in Visual ArtsJewelry Design and Gold- and Silversmithing

Enroll now 

Master of Arts in Visual ArtsPhotographyEnroll now 

In order to take part in the admission procedure, an administrative cost of 25 euros will be charged. This fee has to be paid before continuing the procedure in step 2 and will by no means be returned. If the payment is registered by the University-College after March 25th, you automatically will be referred to session 2 (except for the Fashion and Theatre Costume Design programme).


1 Registration
Personal details: as complete as possible

  • Mention the title of your bachelor degree (> “opmerking”)
  • Fine Arts need to be specified: Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking or In Situ³
  • Respect the call’s deadline

2 Upload of the documents and digital portfolio
All the required documents have to be uploaded in the application platform. Please don’t send any documents by email.
Upload two files:
file 1:       

  • degree copies/ certificates of current and/or previous education  
  • CV 
  • motivation letter/ personal statement 
  • master proposal (see infra)

When still studying in your last BA year a certificate of enrolment in the actual school is obligatory

file 2: digital portfolio (pdf). Portfolio requirements see infra.

We will not be able to proceed with your application when more than 2 files are sent!
In case your portfolio should be more than the indicated 15MB you can put a link to onedrive, google drive or a website.
As long as you didn’t submit the form, you will have the chance to review all the information and add or remove documents.

Step 2: Check of the registration and upload by the administration officer
Attention: because our system doesn’t generate an automatic reply you will not receive a confirmation email! You will be contacted only when there is something missing/not clear.

Step 3: Portfolio assessment by the course team
The outcome of the portfolio assessment will be sent by email. In case you are not selected, you can ask for a motivation on simple request.

Step 4: Interview
If you are selected  you will be invited at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp for an interview (Skype interview allowed on request except for the Fashion Programme).
Selected students for the Fashion programme always need to do an extra assignment (depending on the previous studies) and have to be present during 2 days.
The outcome of the interview will be sent by email.

Step 5: full enrolment
Information about a full enrolment is sent together with a positive outcome of the interview.

Portfolio requirements

  • your digital portfolio must be a collection of your artistic work (sketchbooks, illustrations, drawings,…), which shows how your artistic abilities and ideas have progressed over the last years;
  • research and processes you have used to develop your work are as important to the assessment as the result;
  • mention all useful data such as date of work, material, exhibition or venues,...
  • in case of team work you have to describe your role in the process;
  • maximum size of each file is 15MB. Following formats are allowed: PDF, doc, docx, jpeg, gif. There is no indication for a minimum/maximum of pages.

Additional demands for the Fashion Programme:

  • a complete image of the collection(s) from your previous degree, all aspects involved: coupe, choice of fabrics, choice of colors, research
  • a variety in silhouettes and materials
  • artistic drawings of silhouettes.

Your artistic luggage must be visible in the portfolio / collection. The proposal for the master project must show a complete image of the collection. 

Master project proposal

The Master project proposal is an explanation of the research in and possibly outcome of the project.
In other words: What is the content of your work going to be during your study and how do you think you can achieve this?
It does not want to restrict you in any way. This can and will change during the process.
Provide a text (+ 1 page), possibly supplemented with visual elements, in which you explain your starting point.
Proposal for a 12-silhouette collection (basic research, sketches, fabrics and fibres, …)

Pre-master (bridging) programme

As you could read in 'Entry requirements' (see top) some students need to follow a pre-master programme.

What is a pre-masters?
A pre-masters is for international students who do not obtain the Bachelor degree with corresponding discipline they applied for in order to improve certain skills and/or artistic research.
It is also for national students who need to develop (artistic) research ahead of a taught masters degree.
A pre-masters gives the students the chance to familiarize with the teaching methods and teachers at the Academy.
A pre-masters is one academic year.

What about the programme?
You will have a programme of + 45 credits:

  • studio practice mainly related to 3BA
  • specific courses related to your studio practice
  • research methodology 3BA

By the composition of your exact programme previous studies are taken into account.
After a positive assignment at the end of the academic year you will be granted a certificate that gives you automatically access to the master programme.

What about the fees?
You pay for the credits you are enrolled for (see fees calculator here).


Study fees (based on academic year 2017-2018):

Full programme 60 credits:
Study fee for EER-students: 1.086€
Study fee for EER-students Fashion: 1.286€
Study fee students outside EER: 6.946€
Study fee students outside EER Fashion: 7.146€

Fee per credit
Use the fees calculator here

Fees cannot be payed by instalment.

Additional costs depend on the chosen course programme.
No funding nor bursaries available for non-EER-students. For questions about funding or bursaries for EER students please contact our social services: stuvo@ap.be