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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Admission Master

Masterjury SculptureYou obtained a BA (Honors) degree in the field of visual arts and  you are craving to dig deeper in this fascinating realm? Maybe you would like to explore new horizons, expand your territory, make aquintance with new fellow students and faculty.

If you are serious about your ambitions than our College might be an excellent choice. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp is a renowned European institute for higher arts education (established 1663). We offer courses and graduate programs in Fine Arts (painting, sculpture, printmaking, in situ and photography) and Design (jewelry design, graphic design, costume design and fashion). During your master degree program you are challenged to articulate your authonomous degree project. Your preliminary artistic research will help you to define a concept and a significant body of artistic work (fashion, performance, prints, paintings…). Complimentary to your studio practice we offer theory classes and seminars to enhance your knowledge of culture, contemporary art or entrepenurial subjects. Last but not least we offer a broad range of (long or short term) interdisciplinary masterclasses.

A master program is a one-year progamme consisting of 60 credits

15 creditselective theory courses
15 credits artistic practice*
30 credits  master project

* including internships for the study programs of Theatre Costume and Graphic Design

In consultation with the artistic staff and study program coach a student can choose to split the master program into two years.

All students need to follow the admission procedure to the master. Application deadlines 2018-2019 will be announced before 23 December 2017.

For other questions contact the student administration office.