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Within the Erasmus+ programme, you can also do a traineeship.

Some of our study programmes offer the possiblity for incoming Erasmus students and Erasmus Belgica students from partner institutions to do a traineeship in a company/organisation linked to one of our bachelor programmes.

Depending on the study programme, the departmental international coordinator will look for a traineeship in a company/organisation for you, or you will have to find a company/organisation yourself.

AP will take care of the supervision of your traineeship and you will receive a Transcript of Records at the end of your traineeship.
As this kind of exchange results under 'study exchange' (SMS), an interinstitutional agreement with your institution is required.

Please note that not all study programmes offer this possibility!
Each department has its own regulations and procedures. Traineeship requests are always subject to available traineeship places.

Please contact the departmental international coordinator for more information.
A minimum of 15 ECTS is required.