Become the IT developer who creates solutions as well as programs!

IT is fast-developing and ever-changing, much like the people active in the sector. Over the last few years, there has been a tendency in the market to look for IT profiles that can take programming one step further. Instead of just creating a program, an IT specialist is expected to deliver the best solution for his customer. To achieve this goal, you will not only have to understand the customer’s requirements, but you will also have to understand how your customer works and how you can add value to their business process.

Challenges often lead you to bring out the best in yourself. Our international class ‘Business Informatics’ will help you develop three key skills that are of great importance to you as a future IT specialist: technical, project and IT Business/Management skills.

  • You will further learn how to deliver good technical IT solutions. This semester will give you in-depth knowledge of web technology, web design and security so that you will be able to improve your programming skills.
  • As it is important to understand the businesses you are working for, you will follow IT Management courses such as Change Management and ERP. You will also spend 1 week with a group of interdisciplinary international students working on an application for Mobile city Marketing.
  • An important part of your international spring semester here in Antwerp is devoted to project work. You and your team will spend 8 – 10 weeks working on a real-life project, initiated by a real business need. In this project, you will not only need to deliver a working application, but you will also need to cover all other aspects such as testing, handover, project management, peer teaching,…

Students in Applied Informatics, Computer Science and Information Management are welcome to join this international class ‘Business Informatics’.

English is the language of instruction. Of course we will also help you to further develop your English skills.   

Important: number of places is limited to 10. A selection will be done after the deadline and students will be advised within 2 weeks of their acceptance/refusal.