International Class: 'Education and Social Work in a metropolitan context' (1st semester)

Nothing is more exciting than studying Teacher Training or Social Work in an urban environment such as Antwerp, a city with no less than 174 nationalities among its inhabitants. Antwerp is a city at the crossroads of Europe and the world. Studying in Antwerp means working with and in a very diverse and globalized context. Schools in Antwerp are as diverse as the city itself. The widely varying social and cultural backgrounds of pupils are a major challenge for teachers. For social workers Antwerp challenges to get involved and look for new, creative and sustainable answers and opportunities for new emerging social problems.

Challenges often help bring out the best in you. Our international class ‘Education and Social Work in a Metropolitan Context’ will help you develop two key skills that are of great importance to you as a future professional: creativity and interdisciplinary skills.

  • You’ll learn all about working in a very diverse and globalized context. With a focus on reflection, theory, hands-on work, and of course skills and methods, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in seminars, workshops and field visits, all aiming at  a streetwise and innovative professional practice.
  • An important part of your international winter semester here in Antwerp is devoted to interdisciplinary project work. In close collaboration with students with a various study background you will develop a fascinating crossover project focused on the Antwerp metropolitan context. 

The course is designed for: 

  • Social Work students (Ba & Ma) from all different backgrounds are welcome to enroll: social work, social case work, social studies, youth- and community work, social pedagogy, social cultural work, social educational care work,… all are welcome to join.
  • Teacher Training students. The course is designed for students from preschool, primary and secondary school teacher education institutions as well as for students from social education institutions.

Students from other academic areas may also be accepted. Students must have completed at least one year of their undergraduate degree studies at their home institution in order to be accepted.

You can participate if you are an incoming Erasmus student from one of our partner universities. We promote diversity, also in our international class.  Are you interested in our International Class ‘Education and Social Work in a Metropolitan Context’ and your university is not one of our partners yet? Please ask your International Office to contact ours.

English is the language of instruction. Of course we will also help you to further develop your English skills.    

For more information on our programme, please download the brochure.

Important: number of places is limited. A selection will be done after the deadline and students will be advised within 2 weeks of their acceptance/refusal.


The programme for 2018-2019 will be published in the beginning of March

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