U bent hier


Four students from AP University College left from 12th till 23th September to Poland. They took part in a project WalkAbout2014 GGULIVRR@Lödz together with about 20 other students from Finland, Ireland and Poland. 

Walkabout2014 GGULIVRR@Lödz is an international project encouraging students to develop - in multidisciplinary teams - mobile game applications, GGULIVRR games, that impart a certain knowledge to the users. To succeed, the students must cooperate in multidisciplinary conjunction, consult and  develop creative designs. By participating to this project, students enforce their mobile skills, becoming more and more significant in the 21st century.

Melissa Borgers, Gorik De Herdt, Annelies Meurs – all students from Teacher training - secondary education - and Koenraad Van Der Straeten - student Applied Computer science - took up the challenge and went to the Polish town Lödz.