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AP hosts its first International Week

Towards the end of April, AP University College hosted its first interdisciplinary international week. Students and lecturers from partner universities all over Europe, as well as some from AP University College itself, gathered 

together to discuss the topics of nutrition & dietetics, mobile city marketing and entrepreneurship.

After a brief introduction to the school and the city, the week commenced with it’s first two guest lecturers. The following morning students and lecturers attended a workshop on the organization of Entrepreneurship, Take Off Antwerp at Gate 15.The interdisciplinary week consisted of workshops, lectures and guided tours of the city. It also gave participants plenty of networking and socializing opportunities as they learned and taught with their colleagues and fellow students. Beginning on the afternoon of Monday 18th April, guests attending the week were welcomed at the Lange Nieuwstraat campus with refreshments and koffiekoek.

The rest of the week consisted of a mix of educational and leisure activities. Participants were given the chance to attend workshops and lectures on their specific subject area while also being able to attend some together as a group. After being given a tour of the city organized by students of Gate 15 and This Is Antwerp, participants were invited to an exclusive reception within the Town Hall where they were greeted by the alderman of education, Claude Marinower.

Those attending the Entrepreneurship programme of the week were also taken on a tour of Antwerp’s famous port, which was labelled as a highlight of the week. The other two programmes  were given the opportunity to work on specific projects about their subject area.

The international week got many positive reviews both during and after the week from many of those attending. With such encouraging feedback, AP already has its sights set on the next interdisciplinary international week.

 If you attended the international week and would like to see more photos, please click here.