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Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen

Summer School#2 Making Public Domain

maandag, 11 september, 2017 - 10:00 tot vrijdag, 15 september, 2017 - 22:00
Middelheimlaan 61
2018 Antwerpen

Summer School #2 ‘MAKING PUBLIC DOMAIN’ will examine how public domain can be made and what role art can play in this. Public space does not actually exist, but must constantly be created and activated. Which strategies then - artistic, civil, activist, social, political, legal, etc - are able to generate public space?

An interdisciplinary group of participants and guests will tackle a different theme every day, by means of workshops, lectures, artistic interventions and case studies. Summer school participants will be actively involved in a 5-day exchange between artists and experts unraveling the concepts and practice of ‘making public domain’.

The daytime programme is almost full but the evening programme, with keynotes by among others Harry Gamboa Jr and Futurefarmers, is free and without resgistration. Just walk in and listen, discuss and enjoy the evening with a drink.


Evening programme

Lecture #1 // Monday 11 September 17 - 20:00, Middelheim Museum

Evgeny MOROZOV (US) - Against Data Extractivism: How Digital Capitalism Is Eating the World and What We Can Do to Stop It

Morozov will trace the rise of ‘data extractivism’ - a new model of accumulation embraced by big technology platforms - and the way it which it, while promising universal emancipation and empowerment, ends up subjugating citizens and institutions to the profit-maximizing logic of Silicon Valley firms. The talk will argue that digitization is likely to complete the otherwise stalled project of global neoliberalism. The Big Tech's desire to commodify social life doesn't just stop at knowledge but also includes cities, public spaces, and the built environment at large. One way to stop these trends is by problematizing and politicizing the resource at the heart of the new extractivism - i.e. data - and to reembed struggles around technology into broader efforts to oppose the increasingly violent and heavily financialized global capitalism of today.

Lecture #2 // Tuesday 12 September 17 - 20:00, Middelheim Museum

Harry GAMBOA jr. (US) - Refocusing The Social Urbanscape

The intrusive methods of virtual media saturation has affected the viewers interaction with actual social, cultural, physical, visual, and auditory interactions that could result in temporary/permanent intellectual/creative/personal displacement. If the tectonic plates should suddenly shift beneath one’s tance then all coordinates will be rendered obsolete leading to loss of footing, direction, and the remaining duration of experienced time. The retracing of imagined architectures of dreams and memories will be recounted in abstracted vignettes and narratives.

Lecture #3 + Expo visit EXTRA CITIZEN // Wednesday 13 September 17 - 18:00, Extra City

Stavros STAVRIDES (GR) - Exploring the potentialities of space commoning through artistic practices

If art may be a field of experimentations that expand and challenge established patterns of feeling and thinking, then the practice of art-as-commoning can possibly explore potential patterns of feeling and thinking shaped in common. Commoning has to do with the opening of communities towards newcomers and with an always expanding ethics of sharing. Sharing spaces and producing spaces of sharing is crucial in such a prospect. Art may indeed creatively shape and sustain expanding commoning practices. It may open pores to enclosing perimeters, it may develop shared capacities to imagine and experience different social relations in and through alternative spatialities, it may contribute in the shaping of shared representations of the common. Perhaps through art we can better learn how to be open as urban commoners.

Lecture #4 // Thursday 14 September 17 - 20:00, Middelheim Museum

FUTUREFARMERS (US/DK/BE) - Flatbread Society Seed Journey

Imagine a fantastic voyage from Norway to Istanbul in an old wooden sailing boat built for Arctic voyaging. This boat is carrying an ingeniously crafted mini-boat, like a chalice, containing a mere handful of old wheat and rye seeds found in a museum in Saint Petersburg in Russia and in the roof beams of a sauna in northern Norway. These seeds are like jewels. The disproportion in size between the small chalice and the mother vessel carrying it symbolises preciousness, as does the very idea of a prolonged voyage using wind and sail as the means of propulsion. This is a voyage back through time and space to the origins of these seeds in what is now called eastern Turkey or northern Kurdistan, a region now under siege. By bringing these seeds "home", the sailors wish to draw attention to the genetic erosion of the world's seed stocks…


The Summer School is part of the 2-year research project ‘Publiek domein maken’ initiated by Nico Dockx (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten) and Pascal Gielen (ARIA).


More information and tickets: www.makingpublicdomain.be