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Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen

Michel Yang

Onderzoeksprojecten KCA:

By-Product / CORPoREAL (2015)


contemporary dance, dance improvisation, performance, embodiment and state practices, spectatorship, interdisciplinary 


Michel Yang is an American born, Brussels-based performance artist exploring notions of identity and cultural hybridity. Her own creations have involved rewriting scars, brick-laying her body, fashioning heels out of candle holders, teaching French while speaking fake Chinese... Such works root from her practices on tracing resistance, framing identity, and embodying objects, spectres and nothing. Her primary medium is the body, however, video and photography have recently begun to enter her work as extensions of her body practice.

Michel is teacher and mentor at the Dance department of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.  As well she is a member of the CORPoREAL research group.  Michel holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  She has worked with dance and performance makers Lilia Mestre, Stefan Dreher, Pierre Droulers, Mia Lawrence and Walter Verdin.  She has taught at companies such as Ultima Vez, Summer Studios, Charleroi Danses, D.A.N.C.E. Apprentices, and Washington University.