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Education and Social Work in a Metropolitan Context (ES-MC)


    Required courses – all students


    Interdisciplinary project work


    Mapping professional practice in a metropolitan context


    Intercultural Communication, Cultural Knowledge and Self-Awareness


    Social-Educational-Care Perspectives in an International Context


    Required courses – Teacher Training students


    Creative and innovative teaching


    Required courses – Social Work students


    International Social Work: Perspectives on Europe


    Total ECTS required courses



    Elective courses*


    English language course**


    Studium Generale


    Total ECTS elective courses (choose one)


    All courses and course descriptions are subject to changes at any time

    *Students choose one of a total of two elective courses: the sum of the required and the elective courses must be 30 ECTS for a complete semester

    **Students with a good knowledge of English (level C1 or C2) are advised to choose the course Studium Generale.

    Timing and Location

    Start date

    1st semester

    Cultural Orientation week

    Monday 10th September 2018 - Thursday 13th September 2018

    Welcome Day: Education and Social Work in a Metropolitan Context

    Friday 14th September 2018

    Education and Social Work in a Metropolitan Context

    Monday, 17th September 2018

    Official end date semester

    Friday, 1st  February 2019



    Autumn Break: Monday 29th October 2018 – Sunday 4th November 2018 (1 week)
    Christmas Holiday: 24th December 2018 – Sunday 6th January 2019 (2 weeks)
    Other free days: 11th November 2018



    AP University College
    Campus Spoor Noord - Noorderplaats
    Noorderplaats 2
    2000 Antwerp


    The registration deadline for the International Class ‘Education and Social Work in a Metropolitan Context’ is: 1st Semester (autumn semester) - September until and including January: 1st May 2017.

    After the deadline, a selection will take place. Students will be advised before 15th May of their approval/refusal.

    AP partner institutions should send the student’s application form to the AP International Office ( 

    All Erasmus courses are taught in English.

    You will be asked to do papers and presentations in English, as well as the final examinations. All literature is in English. Student attendance is also obligatory in all courses. Therefore sufficient proficiency of the English language (B2 or more) is strongly recommended to be able to follow courses and successfully pass exams.

    We would like a copy of your self-evaluation test via, or a copy of your Erasmus+ OLS (Online Linguistic Support) test
    We strongly recommend you to be truthful about your English skills and, if necessary, brush up on your knowledge.

    After receipt of the application form, additional information will be given, pertaining to:
    - Cultural Orientation week
    - procedures for registration (residence permit)
    - entry requirements
    - activities, integration & facilities
    - invitation letter, for visa purposes


    AP University College Antwerp awards 30 credits for one full semester. Credits are awarded only when the course has been completed and all required examinations have been successfully taken.

    AP’s Grading Scale compared to the ECTS scale:

    Artesis Plantijn University College

    ECTS grade






    C GOOD






    FX FAIL (with possible deliberation)


    F FAIL (no deliberation possibility)