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Digital Exams

The exam period is never easy. But these unseen circumstances pose a lot of extra challenges. Suddenly, you are stuck at home and have to take classes, study and even take exams all by yourself. But hey, you are not on your own! AP is here for you.

Organisation Digital Exams

Exams in times of corona. How will this work? AP has worked out a series of measures to enure safe and smooth exams. We have opted for a low contact exam series. This means: 

  • Wherever possible, exams will be organised (digitally) from a distance.   
  • Do you lack the necessary means at home (e.g. no quiet place to work, the proper provisions)? AP offers maximum support. Based on the answers you gave during our online survey, you'll be contacted personally and together we will look for a (or more) suitable solution(s). 
  • Strict measures for social distancing and hygiene. are in force on our campuses. More information on our preventive measures can be found here. 
  • Individual information about your exam schedule and assessment methods will be provided by your specific study programme. Contact your teacher or Head of Teaching with additional questions. 

General questions and measures about the coronavirus can be found on our FAQ-page

FAQ Digital Exams

We focus mainly on digital exams from a distance. This is a brand new challenge, both for you and for us. We fully understand that you may have some questions or concerns. For instance:

  • How will AP make sure everything is legally valid?
  • How and where should I take my exam at home? 
  • What happens if there's an unexpected technical breakdown? 
  • ...

Therefore, we have bundled these and other frequently asked questions on a separate webpage. 

Preparation Digital Exams

Before each exam you'll receive more details from your teacher about:

  • the type of exam

  • the tools which you may / must use 
  • additional instructions (e.g. use of scrap paper, books and courses ...) 

Tools you might need during your exam, are: 

  • computer or laptop
  • stable internet connection
  • webcam
  • microphone 
  • monitoring software, such as Examon, Procorio, Microsoft Teams (check Digitap for more details).

Checklist Digital Exams

  • Install the necessary software in advance, such as proctoring software (written exam) of Microsoft Teams (oral exam). 

  • Run a test in advance to make sure everything is working properly (microphone, webcam, internet, software...). 

  • Find a quiet, closed-off room where you can take your exams. 

  • Check whether you have a stable internet connection

  • Make arrangements with your roommates. If necessary, hang a note on the door during moments when you mustn't be disturbed. 

  • Make sure you have the contact details for our ICT-helpdesk on hand. Preferably, printed out on paper, in case of unexpected situations (e.g. power or internet breakdown). 

More tips, information and manuals via Digitap

Extra Support Digital Exams

Looking for a study space? 


Looking for help? 

On the intranet you'll find an overview of tips, tools and contact details.