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Act in Time

Act in Time - Transnational ACTions for the access and INTegratIon of Migrants into Eu labor market

In the last couple of years the number of refugees arriving in Belgium has grown. Because of this increasing group, questions raise on how we can improve their integration process. The focus of the project Act in Time is to facilitate and improve access of migrants into the labor market as well as to support companies in this procedure.

Partner organizations involved in this project are Italy (IFOA) as lead coordinator, Austria (FAB), Belgium (Artesis Plantijn University College), Croatia (SEECEL), France (Mayor Formation), Germany (VHS Passau), Portugal (EDUGEP), Spain (CEEDCV) and Sweden (INTEGRA).

The goal is to identify needs and weaknesses in the current procedure and meet these needs by creating programs and designing material to help refugees and migrants as well as companies in this integration process. Concrete action plans include the implementation of a model of cooperation between public and private sectors, the development of an info pack for refugees/migrants and training materials for companies and the offer of accompanying measures with regard to the facilitation of inclusion in the workplace.

For more information, please consult our website: (to be published shortly)

Act in Time